Upgraded EUR Fiat Wallet Solutions

New EUR transfer options have been added

Sep 28, 2023

At Crypto.com, we’re committed to giving you the best trading experience, from onboarding to capturing market opportunities. As part of our continual efforts to enhance our on-ramp solutions, we’re pleased to announce that you can now enjoy more options when depositing and withdrawing EUR using your Fiat Wallet in the Crypto.com App.

You can now select from more providers when making secure SEPA transfers to and from your EUR Fiat Wallet without fees*. Initiating a deposit takes a few quick steps, where you can purchase 250+ top coins using EUR, and making withdrawals is just as easy. A step-by-step guide on setting up your EUR Wallet can be found here.

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We have more plans to expand our global on-ramp offerings — stay tuned! 

*Crypto.com does not charge fees, but your bank may apply a processing fee. 

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