Unveiling the GEN 3.0 Crypto.com Exchange

One powerful trading machine awaits

Oct 13, 2022
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We believe the future belongs to those who see far beyond the now, who see opportunity, and who continue to build and innovate even during the toughest tides. 

We believe that thinking big is what it takes to give customers not just what they want today, but what they will truly need tomorrow as the digital economy continues to evolve. 

This is how we grew our community to 50 million strong and how we provide value to the next 500 million clients.

We have doubled down on innovation, and applied the feedback from our clients to lead the next wave with you.

This is why we have developed GEN 3.0 Exchange, a next-generation exchange platform – built for the evolved needs of all traders, from retail to institutional. 

Step into the future with the GEN 3.0 Crypto.com Exchange, where everything merges into one unified and seamless experience. Spot and Derivatives Exchange will merge into the same ‘one exchange’ engine and all you need is one wallet to trade across all markets after this upgrade.

The ‘one exchange-and-one wallet’ infrastructure will greatly improve functionality and accessibility of all the Exchange products, and enable us to build more advanced tools at scale and speed, bringing significant value and benefits for all levels of traders. 

The next-generation Crypto.com Exchange awaits and you can expect:

  • Intuitive and smoother transfers and trading experiences
  • Access our full range of products from one wallet
  • One-click margin and cross-market collateral support
  • Smart cross-margin boosting capital efficiencies 
  • Margin savings and lowered requirements
  • Flexible USD fiat deposits/withdrawals, and USD bundle trading pairs
  • Best-in-class performance and execution speed

The GEN 3.0 Exchange is expected to go live in approximately three weeks and the transition into this monumental upgrade will entail a downtime of the Exchange for approximately six to eight hours. We will reveal more information soon, so stay tuned.

The future belongs to us. We’re absolutely ready to help you succeed – join us today

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