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U.S. Exclusive: Celebrating Dads and Grads With 3x Pay Rewards on Gift Cards

Get up to 20% back in CRO

Jun 16, 2022
Blackhawk Dads Grads Gift Card Sale Content Hub V2

We’re honoring the dads and grads in your life with a Gift Card sale!

For a limited time only, U.S. users can receive up to 3x Pay Rewards, saving up to 20% in CRO on Aeropostale, Domino’s®, and Nautica Gift Cards when they checkout with Pay.

Be rewarded when you give–users can maximize their rewards and receive more Pay Rewards by staking at least 10,000 CRO in the App or Exchange.

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Promotion Period: 16 June 2022, 09:00 EDT to 19 June 2022, 23:59 EDT

Shop Dad & Grads Gift Card Sale!

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  • The campaign is applicable to users in the United States of America only. 
  • Gift Cards are subject to availability. 
  • Open the Super App Menu, tap on Pay, and select the desired Gift Card to see details, terms, conditions and fees (if applicable). 
  • All trademarks are property of their respective owners. 
  • Gift Cards may not be available in all states. 
  • The Gift Cards featured are not sponsors or otherwise affiliated with
  • The campaign is not valid with any other offers or promotions. It is non-transferable and non-exchangeable for cash or any other items.
  • Gift Card Terms and Conditions are subject to change at any time at the merchants’ sole discretion without prior notice.
  • reserves the right to cancel or amend the campaign rules at our sole discretion.


I have 5,000 CRO staked in the App and 5,000 CRO in the Exchange. Am I eligible for this promotion?
Yes, you will be eligible to participate in this promotion as long as you pay with CRO. To receive the highest tier of Pay Rewards, you will need to have 10,000 CRO staked in the App or Exchange. You can stake more CRO at any time during the Promotion Period.

Please note that CRO in Soft Staking in the Exchange will not be counted for this promotion.

How do I stake CRO in the App or Exchange?
Please refer to this page for detailed instructions on staking CRO in the App and this page for staking CRO in the Exchange.

My stake ends during the Promotion Period. Do I need to renew it to participate in the promotion?
No, you don’t have to renew or increase your stake if it has matured, as long as you have at least 10,000 CRO staked in the App or Exchange.

Is there a limit on the Gift Cards that I can buy during the Promotion Period?
For those who are not Visa Card users, your daily transaction limit is US$200.

For Visa Card users, please see respective daily transaction limit:

  • Midnight Blue: US$200
  • Ruby Steel and above: US$1,000

How do I access Gift Cards in the App?
To access Gift Cards in the App, select the Pay icon at the top right of the App homepage and tap Gift Cards. Alternatively, open the Super App Menu, select Pay, and tap Gift Cards.

Can I buy these Gift Cards for friends and family?
We cannot send Gift Cards to your friends and family on your behalf, but you can share the redemption instructions with them, which you will receive in the App and via email upon purchase.

When will my Gift Cards expire?
The expiration dates, if applicable, will be clearly stated in the redemption instructions of the Gift Cards. Please take note of the expiration dates once you receive your Gift Cards.

How much Pay Rewards do I normally receive for Gift Card purchases?
The amount of Pay Rewards depends on the category of the Gift Card. You can see a detailed breakdown here.

When will I receive my bonus Pay Rewards from the promotion?
You will receive your Pay Rewards immediately upon completing your Gift Card purchase with Pay.

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