Exchange Is Now Integrated With TradingView

Access live price data for 700+ trading pairs and advanced tools to give you the edge

Jun 20, 2024
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We’re thrilled to announce the Exchange’s data integration with TradingView!

Traders can now access historical and live price data across more than 700 trading pairs and tokens available in the Exchange directly on the TradingVIew platform. You can also leverage TradingView’s advanced charting and analytical tools to elevate your trading strategy on the Exchange.

Here’s how to view the Exchange’s charts on TradingView:

  1. Search “CRYPTOCOM:” in the symbol search panel on TradingView
  2. Select your trading pair
  3. You’re all set!

Key features of Exchange

  • Impressive tech stack boasting 2.7M transactions per second
  • Deep liquidity for over 700 pairs across Spot and Derivatives
  • Competitive fees depending on trading tier incl. VIP levels
  • Industry top security measures
  • Tailored and rewarding programmes e.g. Broker programme, VIP programme and more.

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About TradingView

TradingView is the global hub for real-time charting, discussion, and trading of financial markets. Users have access to an advanced charting and trading platform backed by a dynamic community where traders exchange ideas, create custom indicators, and engage with social features.


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