Win Event Tickets to an L.A. LIVE Show of Your Choice

Exclusive to U.S. citizens

Jan 24, 2022

Start off the new year right by joining the first-ever Come to L.A. LIVE Campaign, exclusive to U.S. citizens. Participants stand to win one of 120 event tickets to an event of their choice at the iconic L.A. LIVE entertainment complex. Shows include the Shaquille O’Neal & LOLX! A-ll Star Comedy Jam, Bud Light Super Bowl Music Fest, and the George Lopez: OMG HI Comedy Tour.

The top 30 eligible users with the highest trading volume in the App during the Campaign Period will win a set of four tickets to an event of their choice from the list below. 

Register for the campaign here!

Campaign Period: 24 January 2022, 14:00 UTC – 3 February 2022, 00:00 UTC

Feb 10 – Shaquille O’Neal & LOLX! Present A-ll Star Comedy Jam 2022 (Microsoft Theater)

Feb 10 – Bud Light Super Bowl Music Fest ( Arena)

Feb 11 – Charlie Wilson (Microsoft Theater)

Feb 11 – Bud Light Super Bowl Music Fest: Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani ( Arena)

Feb 12 – Bud Light Super Bowl Music Fest: Green Day & Miley Cyrus ( Arena)

Feb 12 – Junior H (Microsoft Theater)

Feb 15 – Wale (the Novo)

Feb 18 – Ricardo Montaner (Microsoft Theater)

Feb 18 – Banda MS ( Arena)

Feb 19 – George Lopez: OMG HI Comedy Tour (Microsoft Theater)

Feb 21 – Phantom Planet (the Novo)

Feb 21 – PBR Iron Cowboy presented by Ariat ( Arena)

Feb 22 – PBR Iron Cowboy presented by Ariat ( Arena)

Feb 24 – Turnstile (the Novo)

Feb 25 – Smart, Funny & Black (the Novo)

Feb 26 – Baby Shark Live!: 2022 Splash Tour (Microsoft Theater)

Feb 27 – Turnstile (the Novo)

Feb 27 – The Harlem Globetrotters ( Arena)

Start trading to win the tickets!

Stay tuned for our Arena Event Giveaway #1 to get free Suite tickets to watch an NBA game!


How to participate? 

  • Complete KYC verification for your App account (Guide
  • Register for the campaign here
  • Trade (buy/sell) at least USD 200 worth of cryptocurrency in the App
  • The top 30 eligible users with the highest trading volume during the Campaign Period will each win four tickets 
  • Perform CRO Net Buys* in the App to boost your trading volume by up to 20x!

*CRO Net Buys = Buys (CRO) – Sells (CRO) – Withdrawals (CRO)

CRO Net Buys> $500 USD> $1,000 USD> $5,000 USD> $50,000 USD> $500,000 USD
Net Buy Booster1.5x2.0x4.0x8.0x20.0x
CRO Net BuysNet Buy Booster
> $500 USD1.5x
> $1,000 USD2.0x
> $5,000 USD4.0x
> $50,000 USD8.0x
> $500,000 USD20.0x

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  • This campaign is limited to U.S. citizens only. 
  • In addition to the following rules, please refer to the Official Rules for Sweepstakes for further rules regarding eligibility.
  • Any trades that are executed through bad trading practices in’s absolute opinion, including but not limited to wash trades, false trading, self-dealing, or trades that display any attributes of market manipulation (“Disqualified Trades”) will not be counted towards the transaction volume of the participant.
  • The events at Arena will be in a shared 12-person Suite with other campaign winners. The events at the Novo and the Microsoft Theater will be VIP tickets. 
  • All winners will receive a confirmation email with reward redemption instructions within 5 days after the Campaign End Date to choose the game. The selection will be on a first-come-first-serve basis. 
  • The selected event tickets will be e-mailed to the winners’ E-mail address 3 days prior to the event.
  • is not responsible for paying any additional fees associated with the redemption of the tickets and participation of the event, including but not limited to travelling costs, personal expenses, taxes, etc.
  • Winners of the campaign and all of their accompanying attendees will be required to comply with the COVID-19 policies of L.A. LIVE, Los Angeles, and United States to attend the event.
  • Users must complete KYC verification for your App account.
  • reserves the right to cancel or amend the campaign rules at our sole discretion. 
  • All personal data collected is used strictly for verification purposes only.
  • By accepting the tickets, winners agree to the Privacy Notice of, which is published at






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