New NFT Features Unveiled This Week (8 August)

Browse and buy LooksRare listings in 17 languages and more

Aug 08, 2022
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Following the recent addition of OpenSea blue-chip listings to NFT, users can now purchase NFT listings from LooksRare directly on the platform as well. This builds on our commitment to making NFT a one-stop NFT marketplace. What’s more, NFT is now available in 17 languages and we’ve added rarity scores for all Chain collections. More details below.

LooksRare listings

Users can look forward to saving on gas fees while enjoying a streamlined experience on NFT: 

  • Seamlessly browse and purchase fixed-price Ethereum listings from OpenSea and LooksRare directly on NFT.
  • Manage and trade collectibles using just one NFT account. There’s no need to create and connect to any non-custodial wallets like MetaMask. 
  • Like any other NFT purchase, users can easily perform transactions USD via their NFT account balance, credit/debit card, or Pay. 
  • Users get to save on gas fees, as no additional charges are levied when they list and sell the same collectible to their fellow NFT users. 

Only fixed-price listings of selected collections on the Ethereum blockchain from LooksRare are supported. Get the latest updates and learn more about our cross-market listings here

17 languages supported

Choose your preferred language by going to the top right corner of NFT’s web version. On the platform’s mobile version, navigate to the menu by tapping the top left button.

Rarity scores added for Chain collections

With rarity scoring, users can make more informed decisions when they’re collecting NFTs! Collectors of Chain NFT collections can now view the rarity scores of their NFT, and sort collections based on how rare they are. 

Click into the collectible’s card to find more.

Screenshot 2022 08 08 At 5.17.28 Pm

Lastly, NFT collectors can now conveniently browse and purchase NFTs on mobile via the App. Launch the App now and check it out.

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