Loaded Lions: Mane City Launches Access Pass System

Refer your friends to the game and earn Diamonds whenever they make in-game purchases

Sep 22, 2023

Calling all tycoons and tycoons to-be! We’re proud to announce the launch of the Mane City Access Pass system, a total game changer for Loaded Lions: Mane City. For existing players, it’s your chance to finally bring your friends into the fold and share your experience with the world.

Building the city of your dreams and decking out your mansion is a ton of fun, but it’s way more enjoyable when you have someone to do these with.

Also, the more players Loaded Lions: Mane City has, the merrier. For every new player who joins and spends in Competitive Mode, the prize pool grows that much quicker. And the Mane City Access Pass’s benefits for potential tycoons is self-explanatory. You’ll be able to access the game and join the thriving Mane City Tycoon community!

The Mane City Access Pass System

Mane City Tycoons can invite their friends to join them via their unique code. If you’ve ever signed up for an app or service with a referral code before, you’d be familiar with how it works. 

Each player will receive a limited number of referral slots (as shown in the image above) that is proportional to the number of Crypto.com Land NFTs they own. For the generosity of sharing their Mane City Access Pass, players will be rewarded with Diamonds whenever their referrals purchase Diamonds with CRO.

Mane City Tycoons to-be, the Mane City Access Pass is your ticket to the game! (Psst, get in touch with a tycoon or two in the Mane City Discord server here). Start your entrepreneurial journey and obtain a shot at the alluring Competitive Mode prize pool. We’ll provide you with an ‘Arid Plains’ land plot to start building your businesses on too.

What is the ‘Arid Plains’?

An ‘Arid Plains’ land plot is the base-tier land in the game, containing fewer available business sites and the lowest Diamond generation rate. The ‘Arid Plains’ land plot does not have an NFT counterpart  and can be unlocked by any player as they progress through the game. 

For more information about the Mane City Access Pass and ‘Arid Plains’, please refer to the Mane City Playbook. We aim to continuously improve the game to make it even more enjoyable and rewarding for players, and to share this masterpiece with as many people as possible. Stay tuned for more updates soon.

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