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Aug 18, 2022
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To democratise cryptocurrency trading and enable Exchange users to get more out of their trades, we’re pleased to announce that trading fees have been reduced by up to 80%. This new trading fee structure lowers the barrier for cryptocurrency trading and features enhanced benefits for CRO stakers.

Additionally, we’ve also upgraded the Exchange itself and added multiple tools to make your trading experience even more enjoyable and rewarding. 

Read on for the all the highlights:

New Trading Fee Structure Highlights:

Spot and Derivatives markets – up to 80% fee reduction

  • Trading fees now start from 0.075% and 0.034% for the Spot and Derivatives markets, respectively. No minimum trading amount is required.
  • The trading fee structures for VIPs and the Spot, Margin, and Derivatives markets are now simplified. They are easier to understand and advancing through the tiers is more straightforward.
  • All traders can now attain 0% maker fees
  • The gap between maker and taker fees has been reduced, letting users trade on their own terms

For more information about the Exchange’s new trading fee structure, please visit the Fees & Limits page.

Enjoy additional trading fee benefits by staking CRO*

  • CRO stakers receive an immediate fee reduction 
  • Additional trading fee benefits are granted for staking as little as 1,000 CRO
  • Guaranteed 0% maker fees – users who stake at least 50,000 CRO will enjoy 0% maker fees across all tiers
  • Get paid to trade – users who stake at least 100,000 CRO will benefit from negative maker fees across all tiers

*Applicable for Retail Tiers 1-5

VIP and Market Maker Highlights:

Every VIP tier can achieve 0% maker fees

  • VIP trading tiers start at >0.1% of the Total Exchange Volume for the Spot and Derivatives markets (vs. >1% previously) 
  • Every VIP tier can achieve 0% maker fees 

For more information about the Exchange VIP Programme, please visit this page.

Market Maker Programme – Liquidity providers benefit from negative trading fees and greater capital efficiency 

  • Negative maker fees for all market making tiers 
  • Negative maker fees are fee rebates credited in real-time and settled in the traded pairs’ receiving currency for spot and USDC for derivatives
  • Greater capital efficiency with higher credit line leverages (subject to jurisdictional geo-restrictions)

For more information about the Exchange Market Maker Programme, please visit this page.

About the Exchange, a next-generation cryptocurrency exchange:

A revolutionary tech stack 

The Exchange is powered by the industry’s fastest matching engine, featuring an ultra-low 50 microsecond core latency and supporting 2.7 million transactions per second.

Best-in-class security

The Exchange is rated as the world’s most secure cryptocurrency exchange by, having earned a host of security certifications. These include ISO 22301:2019, ISO 27001, ISO/IEC 27701:2019, SOC 2, and PCI:DSS v3.2.1 Level 1 compliance.

Rewarding experiences

Receive staking rewards and participate in events like Supercharger and trading competitions to win attractive and exclusive prizes. High-volume traders also stand to snag additional perks, including increased rate limits, bespoke OTC capability, dedicated account support and more.

Advanced trading tools

The Exchange’s suite of features makes it perfect for traders of all experience levels. From trading bots to advanced charting tools, users can trade across the Spot, Margin, and Derivatives markets with full confidence.

Visit our FAQ to learn more about the Exchange.

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