Loaded Lions: Mane City Gets Souped Up With Abilities and Factions

Pick a side, attack your enemies, and defend your city

Feb 21, 2024

As we count down to the much anticipated Loaded Lions: Mane City Season 2 , we’re introducing two new features that’ll change the dynamics of Mane City.

The Abilities system consists of five unique defences and attacks. These allow you to respectively defend your own city from harm, and bring the heat to your fellow tycoons. Each defence and attack affects a tycoon’s Gold and/or Diamond income bonus. More details on them below:


  • Veil of Venom: Decreases the Gold Income Bonus of all Common Businesses
  • Savanna Bandits: Decreases the Gold Income Bonus of all businesses on surrounding plots next to an obstacle
  • Malware Maelstrom: Decreases the Gold Income Bonus of the highest income producing business
  • Aerial Bombardment: Decreases the target’s Diamond bonus 
  • Kingpin’s Wrath: Decreases the Gold income bonus for all business


  • Gale of Safety: Decreases the effect of Veil of Venom
  • Perimeter Patrol: Decreases the effect of Savanna Bandits 
  • Gigabyte Guardian: Decreases the effect of Malware Maelstrom
  • Leo’s Arsenal: Decreases the effect of Aerial Bombardment 
  • Photon Barriers: Decreases the effect of Kingpin’s Wrath 

Not only do your attacks wreak havoc on your enemies, but they also come with a devious addition. A portion of the damage dealt to your targets will be channelled back to you as bonuses! ! It’s a win-win situation: Obliterate your foes and boost your own means of production in one fell swoop. Also, the special airdrop we mentioned previously will play a vital part in enhancing the various defenses and attacks. Watch this space for more details.

Now, we haven’t forgotten about Factions either! Ever since the Dark Lions infiltrated Mane City, they’ve managed to gather a few allies of their own. This thriving metropolis is at its most divided, will you defend Mane City or help install the Dark Lions as its new overlords?

Players will be able to select a Faction to align with, And each player’s total gold generated will contribute to how their respective Factions will perform. May the strongest faction rise to the very top! 

Additional Information

Visit the official Mane City website or the Mane City Playbook for all the latest updates on everything Mane City. Not a Crypto.com NFT user? Sign up now.

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