Introducing The Mane Net Grants

Propose and take charge of projects for the Loaded Lions Community

Oct 19, 2022

The Loaded Lions and Cyber Cubs have arrived on Cronos safe and sound and they’re currently working to build a life there. As the Loaded Lions would not be what they are today without the help of the Mane Netizens, they are extending a warm welcome to everyone to be a part of this massive undertaking. 

Introducing—the Mane Net Grants, where anyone with a vision for the Loaded Lions can come forward and turn their ideas into reality. As the pride and flagship PFP collection of, we seek to continuously improve and expand our community, enhance our utilities, and take the Loaded Lions to greater heights. From DeFi to GameFi, the possibilities are simply endless on the Cronos network. 

How It Works

The Mane Net Grants programme welcomes anyone to ideate, implement, and sustain projects for the Loaded Lions. There’s no need to be a Mane Netizen to submit or view a proposal. However, Loaded Lions collectors are the only ones who can vote for the submitted proposals in Discord. We encourage everyone to come forward with their best ideas, whether they’re crypto bros, NFT junkies, or just folks dipping their toes into the Web3 space.

The three main objectives of the Mane Net Grant projects are:

  1. NFT utility development
  2. Gaming and the metaverse
  3. Community engagement

Proposals that are focused on these objectives will be considered before others. In the initial phase for The Mane Net Grants, the seed funding awarded to approved projects will be up to US$10,000. The exact amount disbursed is determined after each proposal goes through a thorough analysis and evaluation process. For exceptional proposals that require additional funding, they will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

The Mane Net Grants application process consists of five stages, which will take approximately 2-3 months from the submission of the application to final approval: 

Stage 1: Application Submission

Applicants may submit their applications here. All submitted proposals will go through a vetting phrase to ensure that they abide by our content guidelines and objectives. 

Stage 2: Community Voting

Each time a proposal gets submitted and meets our application criteria, it will be added to a gated  Discord channel and Mane Netizens can begin voting on them. The full instructions on how to vote will be pinned in a gated Discord channel. 

While only Loaded Lion holders can enter the gated channel for voting, the proposals and results will be shared on a seperate channel.

Stage 3: Due Diligence, Evaluation, and Approval

The Loaded Lions team will perform due diligence on shortlisted proposals from the projects that garner the most votes. The Mane Net Grants committee will then select proposals to fund and determine how much to disburse for each project.

Stage 4: Agreement Setting and Contract Signing

The Mane Net Grants team will then negotiate terms with selected grant recipients and subsequently, facilitate all the necessary paperwork.

Stage 5: Funds Disbursement

Once all the paperwork is complete, the funds will be distributed to recipients according to agreed-upon terms and milestones.

All projects that receive a Mane Net Grant will be added to a separate Discord channel, where their progress can be shared directly with the Loaded Lions community. Milestone reviews will also be conducted by the Mane Net Grants committee.

If you can dream it, we can build it together as a community. Let’s help the Loaded Lions thrive on Cronos and become the greatest pride of fabulous felines there is.

Helpful Links

  • Join us on Twitter for the latest updates on all things Loaded Lions, Cyber Cubs, and The Mane Net.
  • Join us on Discord to connect with the NFT community.
  • Guide for completing KYC verification in the App.
  • Guide for buying and selling collectibles on NFT.


  1. Do I need to hold a Loaded Lion to apply for a Mane Net Grant?

Not at all! We welcome anyone and everyone who wants to build something for Loaded Lions. We’re excited to support new products that educate and inspire new and existing crypto enthusiasts to engage with the Loaded Lions and NFTs as a whole. 

  1. Does my project need to be technical in nature?

Fret not, a lot of meaningful and useful projects in the world of NFTs aren’t technical at all. In fact, many educational materials and artistically-focused projects trump technically-focused ones and are greatly appreciated by the community when done right.

  1. When will I hear back from the team about my proposal?

If your proposal passes the initial vetting phase, it will be shared on a dedicated Discord channel for community voting.  If your proposal passes the second and third stages of the application process, the Loaded Lions team will contact you directly via email or Twitter. Submissions which do not pass the initial vetting phase will not receive a response.

  1. How are applications selected for community voting?

Applications will be judged with a number of considerations in mind. For example, projects judged to have unsuitable content in the first stage of the review process, such as content that is offensive, threatening, pornographic, in breach of any third party’s IP rights, or missing sufficient detail for consideration will be rejected. Additionally, applications that are not aligned with the objective of advancing the Loaded Lions community will also be rejected during the initial vetting phase.

  1. How is community voting conducted?

All verified Loaded Lion holders are able to access the community voting Discord channel where vetted proposals can be voted on. Proposals with 50% upvotes compared to down votes that reach a minimum quorum of 30% (30% of all holders in the verified channel) will proceed to the next stage. 

  1. How long are proposals open for community voting?

Proposals will stay open for three weeks to ensure that all Loaded Lion holders have a chance to thoroughly review every proposal and vote for their favourite project.

  1. I have a great idea that does not meet the three Mane Net Grant objectives above. Can I still submit a proposal?

Just because an application does not fit neatly into our core objectives doesn’t mean it isn’t valuable to the Loaded Lions ecosystem. As long as an application is well-thought-out, does not violate our guidelines, and clearly benefits the Loaded Lions, we will consider it for community voting.

  1. How do I keep track of the progress for approved proposals? 

There will be a dedicated blog post which will host all the approved proposals. This blog post will be updated regularly to reflect the status of each approved proposal. The link to this blog post will be shared once we have our first batch of approved proposals. 


  • Please refer to The Mane Net Grants community guidelines for more details on this programme.
  • By participating in the campaign, you acknowledge having read the Global Marketing Privacy Notice available at and understand that we will use the information provided for the purposes of identity verification, proposal assessment, due diligence evaluation and Mane Net Grants distribution. When you decide how much information to share with us, please keep in mind that we will delete open-ended responses that are impractical or erroneous. 

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