System Maintenance for the NFT, DeFi Swap, and Tax

Commencing on 16 March 2023

Mar 10, 2023

System maintenance for NFT, DeFi Swap, and Tax is scheduled to commence at 00:00 UTC on 16 March 2023. It is expected to take approximately two hours.

What will be affected during the system maintenance: App NFT within the App will be temporarily unavailable. All other functions in the App will still be functional. NFT

All features and services on NFT will be temporarily unavailable, including the Marketplace.  Users will not be able to log in during the maintenance period. Tax

All features on Tax will be temporarily unavailable and users will not be able to log in. The 1099-MISC form* will also be temporarily unavailable during the maintenance period.

*Only available to users in the US. 

Please refer to for all the latest updates.

Rest assured that all users’ funds and assets will remain safe, as always. Thank you for your support and understanding.

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