Suspension of Terra Ecosystem Tokens

Changes effective immediately

May 13, 2022

Due to extreme market conditions affecting Terra Ecosystem tokens LUNA, MIR and ANC, has implemented the following changes effective immediately:

1. Trading of the following tokens has been suspended in the App and Exchange:


2. LUNA is no longer available for new Earn deposits or new loans within Credit. Existing LUNA Earn deposits remain unaffected.

3. LUNA blockchain is currently down based on the validators decision. As a result, Deposits & Withdrawals have been suspended from the App and Exchange for the following tokens/networks until further notice:

– LUNA (Terra native and Cronos CRC20)
– MIR (Ethereum Mainnet ERC20 and Cronos CRC20)
– LUNA and ANC Perps.

4. All Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) trading bot(s) on LUNA will be suspended in the Exchange.

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