Strike Options Is Now Available for US Users Through the App

Predict and potentially profit from token price movements with an all-new derivatives product

Nov 13, 2023
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We’re excited to announce the launch of our latest feature: Strike Options, now available through the App!

Strike Options is a new crypto derivatives product which allows you to potentially profit in just 20 minutes by predicting whether the price of an underlying asset will be higher than the strike price at the time of expiry. What’s more, trades are expressed as a straightforward yes/no decision.

For example, if you believe BTC’s price will increase beyond the strike price at the time of expiry, you can purchase a “Yes” option, with clearly defined risk and potential profit.

Conversely, select “No” to open a short position if you believe BTC’s price will be below the strike price at the time of expiry. You can also exit your position early to secure your profit or limit risk.

Other benefits of Strike Options include:  

  • Trading Fast-Paced Markets: With contract durations as short as 20 minutes, profits have the potential to be realized in a short time
  • Trading With Lower Costs: Start trading with just US$10, while receiving exposure to price movement in the underlying asset (e.g., BTC and ETH)
  • Opportunities In Every Market Condition: Strike Options allows you to potentially profit from both rising and falling markets

Strike Options is a CFTC-regulated product and is currently available for BTC, ETH, LTC, and BCH as underlying assets, with more to come in future.

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Useful Resources:

This feature is being progressively rolled out across the US. Users will be notified via email or a push notification once you can access it.

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