Splinterlands Trading Battle Winner Announcement

Congratulations to all users who won a share of US$100,000

May 20, 2022

Splinterland fans, thank you for participating in the Splinterlands Trading Battle. US$100,000 worth of the biggest blockchain game’s native token, SPS, was up for grabs in this two-part competition. Here’s a quick recap of the prize pool:

Part 1: SPS Trading Bonus (US$50,000 Prize Pool) 

The first 1,000 users who successfully registered for the campaign and purchased at least US$50 worth of SPS will each receive an additional US$50 worth of SPS.

Part 2: SPS Spot Trading Competition (US$50,000 Prize Pool)

The top 20 users in each Spot Trading Tier^ by SPS Trading Volume* won up to US$1,000 of SPS. From Level 1 to Level 9, and from VIP Level 1 to VIP Level 3, there were a total of 240 winners.

Congratulations to all Splinterlands Trading Battle winners! You’ll receive an email from us soon.

Here are the grand prize winners of each trading tier:

Tier Grand Prize Winner
VIP 1chr*****@*****
VIP 3dju*****@*****
Tier 1
Grand Prize Winnerjap*****@*****
Tier 2
Grand Prize Winnerjie*****@*****
Tier 3
Grand Prize Winnerdav*****@*****
Tier 4
Grand Prize Winnertet*****@*****
Tier 5
Grand Prize Winnermas*****@*****
Tier 6
Grand Prize Winnerwal*****@*****
Tier 8
Grand Prize Winnerkai*****@*****
Tier VIP 1
Grand Prize Winnerchr*****@*****
Tier VIP 3
Grand Prize Winnerdju*****@*****

For more information about this campaign, please visit the Trading Arena.

Note: The eligibility of participants will be verified by Crypto.com after the campaign ends. Please refer to the full eligibility criteria in the Official Rules for Sweepstakes.

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