Time-Weighted Average Price (TWAP) Trading Bots Are Now Available in the Crypto.com Exchange

Automate large-volume trades across over 100 Spot pairs

Jun 15, 2023
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We are proud to introduce the new Time-Weighted Average Price (TWAP) Trading Bot to the Crypto.com Exchange! It’s immediately available across both the desktop and mobile web versions of the Exchange.

The TWAP Trading Bot executes trades based on an average-weighted price over a specified period of time. This allows users to perform large trades at better execution prices while minimising price slippage and market signalling.

Users can create a TWAP Trading Bot in just seconds and fine-tune their parameters with options for Limit or Market orders. Additionally, the TWAP Trading Bot can be set up for over 100 Spot trading pairs in the Exchange, with more pairs to be added in future.

What’s more, there are no additional fees levied for using the TWAP Trading Bot. There’s also no limit to the number of TWAP Trading Bots that users can create.

Create A TWAP Trading Bot Now

Alternatively, users can simply navigate to any of the following pages in the Exchange to create a TWAP Trading Bot:

The TWAP Trading Bot currently supports over 100 Spot pairs, with support for more to be added in future. For a full list of supported tokens, click here.

FIX API Connectivity

FIX API Connectivity for the TWAP Trading Bot is also available. API Traders on the Crypto.com Exchange can now create TWAP orders via the FIX API.

Interested parties may contact their respective Account Managers.

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  • The TWAP Trading Bot is currently not available in the Crypto.com Exchange App.

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