Scheduled System Maintenance: Exchange and Selected Features on the App, DeFi Wallet, Pay and Tax

Commencing on 31 October 2022

Oct 27, 2022

We are performing scheduled system maintenance for the GEN 3.0 Exchange infrastructure upgrade. features on the Exchange and select features on the App, Pay, DeFi Wallet, and Tax will be impacted, and it is expected to take approximately six to nine hours.

The following features will be impacted from 23:00 UTC on 31 October 2022: App
Transfers via ACH will be temporarily unavailable. Other transfer methods will not be impacted.

Trading, deposits, and withdrawals for ALI, MMF, RADAR, and ZED* will temporarily be unavailable. Other tokens will not be impacted.

The Visa Card will still be functional, but the spending power feature will be temporarily unavailable. 

Supercharger on the App and Exchange
The Supercharger feature will be temporarily unavailable. Reward distribution will be delayed during the maintenance period as well. DeFi Wallet 
Credit card purchases of ALI, MMF, and RADAR will be temporarily unavailable. Pay
Transfers of ALI, MMF, RADAR, and ZED via the Pay Your Friends feature will be temporarily unavailable. 

The following features will be impacted from 1 November, 00:00 UTC onwards: App
All transfers between the App and Exchange will be temporarily unavailable Exchange 
Trading on the Spot, Margin, and Derivatives markets will be unavailable. Asset transfers between the Spot, Margin, and Derivatives wallets will be unavailable. All open orders will be cancelled. Users should cancel their open orders prior to the migration’s start time. New Spot, Margin, and Derivatives orders will not be accepted. 

Users will not be able to log in to both the Web and App versions of the Exchange. Please ensure you have sufficient collateral if you have open derivatives or margin positions to reduce the risk of liquidation during the maintenance window. Tax
The Exchange API integration will be temporarily unavailable. 

Please refer to our Status Page at for all the latest updates. Rest assured that all users’ funds will remain safe, as always.

Learn more about the GEN 3.0 Exchange infrastructure upgrade here

*Deposits and withdrawals of ALI, MMF, RADAR, and ZED in Exchange will be unavailable from 31 October, 23:00 UTC

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