Introducing Rewards+

The more you trade, the more you get

Dec 12, 2023
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(Updated on 21 Dec, 2023)

We are thrilled to unveil our new loyalty programme, Rewards+, created with you in mind. Your unwavering support has fueled our journey, and we’re showing our appreciation by empowering your growth. 

Introducing Rewards+

Rewards+ provides you with a world of benefits based on your trading activity. Every trade you make puts you on a path to unlock more perks, including higher Earn Plus bonuses for stablecoins, extra Visa Card spending rewards, referral booster, and a benefit we’ve never offered before — trading rebates! 

Key Features

Inclusive Rewards Structure

You can activate benefits with a yearly trading volume of only US$100 and start making your way up 20 levels of rewards. Whether you’re a seasoned trader or just starting out, Rewards+ is designed to empower your journey with 

Cross-App Benefits*

  • Higher Earn Plus Bonuses: Enjoy up to 10% p.a. on 3-month stablecoin allocations.**
  • Extra Card Rewards: Get up to 8% back on spending with your Visa Card.***
  • Referral Booster: Unlock up to a 4x bonus for you and your referrals with our BG25 Referral Program.
  • [New] Trading Rebates: Receive CRO for every trade you make.****

Fun and Engaging

Complete quests to level up! Not only does each level unlock greater benefits, but you’ll also receive a signature milestone to mark your achievement every time. 

Get Started Today

There is no cost to participate — it comes with being a part of our community! Jurisdiction eligibility applies. Please visit the FAQ for more details.

Discover and unlock your Rewards+ level by going to the home screen or Missions in the App.

<<Activate Your Rewards Now>>

Your level is determined by your:

  1. Missions Badge rank
  2. Cumulative rolling CRO Wallet balance over 30 days
  3. Cumulative buy/sell volume over 30 days or the cumulative number of open and closed Strike Option contracts over 30 days

Important: Once you’ve reached a new level, you must Activate it in order to start receiving rewards. 

Visit the Terms and Conditions and FAQ for more information. 

*Terms and Conditions apply
**Includes the base Earn reward rate of up to 5% p.a. offered by Earn Plus.
***Includes base spending rewards of up to 5% back in CRO.
****Receive CRO for each trade placed. Excludes BTC and ETH trading pairs, as well as stablecoin-stablecoin and stablecoin-fiat trades. 

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