NFT Now Supports Polygon-Based NFTs

Trade Polygon-based NFTs at a lower cost

Apr 02, 2022
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NFT fans, this one’s for you. Last month, NFT successfully added support for digital collectibles that are minted and hosted on the Ethereum blockchain. Now, we are pleased to announce that the platform supports Polygon-based NFTs as well.

With this update, NFT users gain access to an even wider selection of digital collectibles, including NFTs from DeRace and more.

It takes just minutes to deposit your Polygon-based NFTs and trade them on the NFT Marketplace. Reach a wider audience by tapping into the NFT network and keep more of  your profits. Here’s how:

1. No extra listing fees are levied when you list your Polygon-based NFTs for sale

2. No gas fees are charged for trades on NFT

Please note that only NFTs from whitelisted projects are currently supported. We will continue to add to this list and you can stay up to date with all whitelisted projects here.

Lastly, Polygon-based NFTs deposited into NFT can be withdrawn to the Polygon network at any time. Visit the Help Centre for more information.

Make your first deposit today!

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