Mane City: The Origin Story

This is one Web3 city that never sleeps

Apr 03, 2023

There once lived a pride of Lions, a brave, bold, and loaded bunch who were truly living their best lives. Then came the day they’ll never forget, with a strange portal in their mansion’s arcade summoning 10,000 unique cubs from the future to the present.

Known as the ‘Cyber Cubs’, these feisty and intelligent felines shared that great treasures and endless opportunities could be found in a land known as Cronos. With that said, there was nothing left but for the Lions and Cubs to pack up and set off on a great adventure together.

After arriving, both the Loaded Lions and Cyber Cubs knew right away that Cronos had immense potential. They wasted no time at all in reconstructing their mansion, determined they would soon get to build the city of their dreams.

With Mane City up, running, and prospering, the Lions and Cubs invited the citizens of Cronos in. Because wealth begets wealth, right? In this land of big dreams and even bigger opportunities, every Cronos citizen can be a tycoon and build an equally thriving metropolis too. The ground glows at night, the economy is always booming, and the city never sleeps!

All that’s needed to start building is a land NFT.

There’s no question that Mane City is thriving thanks to the nature of its motherland, but deep within Cronos lies even more undiscovered treasures. Some say that a group of adventurers are gearing up for an expedition of a lifetime. Land NFT holders will get the opportunity to explore Cronos, and search for these valuable resources too. Stay tuned for more details.

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