App IOTX Net Buy Competition Leaderboard

(updated 13 October 2021)

Oct 07, 2021

Here are the 10 leading users based on the IOTX Net Buy Volume in our current IOTX Net Buy Competition. Participate and keep up your net buy volume to win up to USD 1,000 of IOTX. Total prize pool of USD 30,000 of IOTX to be won!

*The % shown here indicates the % of a specific user’s IOTX net buy volume out of the total IOTX net buy volume of all eligible campaign users of the last update date and time.

Prizes of the IOTX Net Buy Competition

*Net Buys (IOTX) =  Deposits From External Wallets and Exchanges (IOTX) + Buys (IOTX) – Sells (IOTX)

IOTX Reward Table

*Increase your chances of winning by buying and depositing more IOTX while selling less.


  • This leaderboard ranking does not reflect the final results. The eligibility of participants will be verified by after the campaign ends. Please refer to the full eligibility criteria here.








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