Introducing EIP-6963 Support for the Wallet Extension

Enjoy a seamless user experience across multiple browser extension wallets

Nov 06, 2023
Eip6963 Support Content Hub

We are thrilled to announce that the Wallet Extension now supports EIP-6963, a groundbreaking Ethereum Improvement Proposal that significantly enhances the experience for users with multiple browser extension wallets.

This new standard offers a robust solution to the challenges that arise when users have multiple wallet providers installed in their web browsers.

The Browser Extension Wallet Wars

Before EIP-6963, wallet providers had to inject their Ethereum providers into the same window object (window.ethereum), creating conflicts for users with more than one browser extension wallet.

The loading order of these extensions was unpredictable, leading to a situation where users had little control over which wallet provider was chosen to expose the Ethereum interface. This, in turn, degraded the user experience and increased the barrier to entry for new browser extensions.

What EIP-6963 Solves

With the implementation of EIP-6963, a new communication protocol was introduced. This protocol leverages window events to announce injected Wallet Providers, allowing users to select their preferred wallet effortlessly.

The Wallet Extension’s support for EIP-6963 brings you a seamless, user-friendly experience, enabling you to easily manage your dapp interactions and assets across multiple wallets. This is a substantial step forward in our ongoing effort to provide the best user experience while ensuring seamless interoperability in the Web3 space.

Several other wallet providers, including MetaMask and Coinbase Wallet have also embraced EIP-6963, marking a significant stride towards a more user-centric and interoperable Ethereum ecosystem​. We’re proud to be part of this Web3 revolution.

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