Generate Your Crypto Tax Reports for 2022 With Tax

Multiple blockchains and custom tokens are now supported

Sep 08, 2022

We’re excited to share that Australia and UK users can now generate their 2022 crypto tax reports with Tax, which is also available to users in, Canada, the U.S.,  and many more jurisdictions. 

Sign up to for the full list of jurisdictions. Tax makes it easy to calculate complicated crypto taxes, generating a crypto tax report in just seconds. What’s more, users won’t have to pay a single cent for accessing this tool. Additionally, Tax now features support for custom tokens and multiple blockchains. Here are the full details:

Add a custom token

If users would like to import a transaction involving a token that Tax does not currently support, fret not! They can now add custom tokens at any step of the way, whether it’s at the Settings, Transactions, Wallets, or Exchanges page.

Adding a custom token takes just three steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Custom Token > Add Custom Token
  2. Enter a name, symbol, and description for the custom token. Please note that a custom token using the same symbol as an existing cryptocurrency cannot be added.
  3. Click ‘Add’ to include the custom token

This feature allows users to import transactions on Tax using any custom tokens that they own. 

Multi-chain support

We are pleased to announce that Tax now supports transactions on Cronos, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon, in addition to Ethereum (ETH, ERC20) and Bitcoin.  Users can now import transactions from multiple blockchains to make their tax calculations quicker and easier. Tax is fully integrated with over 30 cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets, and five blockchains. It allows users to seamlessly import their transactions, including CeFi and select DeFi transactions. The system will then automatically categorise and calculate capital gains and losses. Users can then generate and export the organised crypto tax report in the tax reporting format of their choice. 

Generate Your Crypto Tax Report Now 

For more information, please refer to the FAQ. Terms and Conditions apply. 

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