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Enjoy up to double-digit rewards every month

Jul 11, 2024
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We’re excited to introduce the Crypto.com App’s very first rewards feature 一 Airdrop Arena! Airdrop Arena aims to provide CRO holders with even more utility by locking up their CRO in monthly events for token rewards. Alongside our current rewards products (as applicable depending on your jurisdiction) such as Earn, on-chain Staking, and Supercharger, you now have more ways to receive rewards..

What is Airdrop Arena?

Airdrop Arena is a competitive feature in the Crypto.com App that earns users points based on the amount of CRO they allocated, which will be locked up for six months. The number of points participating users gain in each Airdrop Arena event will earn them a spot on the leaderboard.

Each user’s rank will determine the amount of Airdrop Arena rewards they receive for that event. For more details on rewards calculation and distribution, please visit the FAQ

There are a few ways for you to earn points in Airdrop Arena. Every 100 CRO allocated in Airdrop Arena earns you one point. For each day that your CRO is locked up, you’ll also earn daily points based on your snapshot balance of allocated CRO. For our inaugural event, you can win a share of US$500,000 CORGIAI tokens, don’t miss out and allocate now! 

Additionally, you can earn extra points with three unique boosters:

  1. Swift Starter: Earn 120% points for one day when you’re among the first 10,000 participants per event to allocate CRO
  2. Loot Locker: Enjoy 200% event points daily by locking up your current event’s rewards for six months
  3. Rewards+ Voyager: Enjoy up to 160% event points daily when you’re at least Level 5 in Rewards+. Increase your booster when you level up in Rewards+. (Note: only available in jurisdictions with Rewards+)

How To Participate

  1. Enter Airdrop Arena via the Account or Earn tab, or the supermenu
  2. Allocate CRO into an Airdrop Arena event to earn points 
  3. Your token rewards will be airdropped within seven days after the event ends. If you choose to activate Loot Locker, your rewards will be distributed to your Crypto Wallet after the lockup period ends.
  4. You can withdraw your CRO after the 6-month lockup period of the event you’re participating in ends. Alternatively,  keep it in Airdrop Arena to automatically join ongoing events. 

Why Participate In Airdrop Arena

  1. You can enjoy up to double-digit rewards rates. Airdrop Arena events are held every month, giving you the chance to earn attractive rewards regularly.  
  2. Access an engaging rewards earning experience. On top of attractive token rewards, there’s the added enjoyment of climbing the leaderboard live and seeing your points tally constantly increasing.
  3. A low barrier to entry. Simply allocate your idle CRO into an Airdrop Arena event and lock it up for six months. That’s all you need to do to participate. If you have CRO in your Crypto Wallet you do not need to trade for additional CRO to participate. 

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to earn rewards on your CRO and climb the leaderboard in Airdrop Arena. Start allocating now and watch your points grow!

The Airdrop Arena is not available for residents of Hong Kong.

For more information on Airdrop Arena, please visit the FAQs.

Not a Crypto.com App user? Download the App now and start trading. 

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