App Launches The Long-awaited Profit and Loss Dashboard

A tool that helps you review your all-time PnL with ease

Jun 21, 2023

We are excited to announce the launch of our most-requested App feature: the Profit and Loss dashboard. Comprising various data points, this tool was designed to give you actionable insights about your portfolio’s performance.

The Profit and Loss dashboard is found on the coin page of each token, above the market data breakdown. You can simply tap on Home > the token of your choice > scroll down. 

Analysing your PnL is important, as it provides information about the performance of your crypto portfolio. This gives you a better idea of how your crypto investment is performing over time and enables you to make the most informed investment decisions. See below for the various data points, and how they are measured, that the Profit and Loss dashboard provides. 

Data Points: 

  • Net Invested: The amount in fiat you invested to build up your token  balance. It is the difference between the amount in fiat inflow (e.g., bought, received) and outflow (e.g., sold, sent).
  • Average Cost: The average price you paid to build your current position. 
  • Portfolio Diversity: The proportion of a token you hold relative to your total portfolio value.
  • Unrealised Profit and Loss: The potential profit/loss of your token balance. It is the difference between the market value of your token balance and the cost of accumulating  it.
  • Realised Profit and Loss: The profit/loss you took from your previous positions by selling or withdrawing the token.
  • Total Profit and Loss: The sum of the unrealised and realised Profit and Loss.

For more information on the Profit and Loss dashboard, please visit the related FAQs here. 

Not a App user? Download the App now and start trading. 

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