Web3 Projects Can Now Partner With Crypto.com Pay On-Ramp

Seamlessly integrate fiat on-ramps to bring new users onboard with ease

Jun 15, 2023
Pay Partner Integration

We are pleased to announce that Crypto.com Pay On-Ramp is now actively seeking partnerships with leading crypto projects, tokens, protocols, and dApps!

Crypto.com Pay On-Ramp makes buying cryptocurrency as effortless as possible. With Crypto.com Pay integration, partners can provide their users with a streamlined and reliable method to purchase cryptocurrency, enhancing their platform’s user experience and encouraging loyalty.

Enabling Card Payments Worldwide

Earlier this year, the Crypto.com DeFi Wallet integrated Crypto.com Pay, enabling users worldwide to securely and conveniently purchase cryptocurrency with their credit or debit card via Crypto.com Pay. DeFi Wallet users can now purchase tokens like BTC, ETH, CRO, USDC, and many more with their credit or debit card in seconds.

Even without a Crypto.com App account, customers will be able to purchase cryptocurrency with debit or credit cards on partnered platforms. Crypto.com Pay’s unique tiered Know-Your-Customer (KYC) approach simplifies the purchase journey even more, giving partners a competitive edge in onboarding new users.

Integrating Crypto.com Pay On-Ramp

Crypto.com Pay On-Ramp partners can access a variety of integration methods to onboard new users to their project. 

By integrating with Crypto.com Pay On-Ramp, partners can allow users to purchase cryptocurrency with their self-custody wallet, allowing for a smooth and easy cryptocurrency on-ramp process. Multiple integration options are available to suit the needs of different dApps, wallets, protocols, and even Web3 games.

Applications Now Open

We invite all projects that are looking to enhance their user experience and platform retention to partner with us. Make cryptocurrency purchases simpler with a one-off simple integration.

Together, we can create a more seamless and empowering cryptocurrency experience for users across the globe.

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