Supports the MXC Token Migration

Holders will receive new MXC tokens (MXC-Layer3 zkEVM) at a later date

Jan 17, 2024
Mxc Token Migration Content Hub will be supporting the MXC token migration. As a result, MXC deposits and withdrawals will be temporarily suspended on 2 February 2024. We will notify you when they have resumed.

MXC tokens on the ERC-20 network will be migrated to MXC’s Layer-3 zkEVM network in the ratio of 1:1 at a later date according to the MXC balances in eligible users’ App Crypto Wallet and Exchange Wallet.

Deposits and withdrawals of MXC on the Cronos network will also be suspended on 2 February. It will be resumed at a later date.

It is recommended that you keep your existing MXC holdings in your wallet(s) to ensure that the new MXC tokens are delivered directly to your respective account(s).

Please note that you may incur a retrieval fee if MXC deposits are made during the suspension. Token retrieval may not be possible in some cases.If you have questions or concerns, kindly reach out to us at [email protected].

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