Access Exclusive Experiences and Merchandise With the ‘Most Valuable Lions’

Join the Loaded Lions in their first-ever ‘live’ auction and unlock the ultimate exclusive fan experience

Jun 06, 2023
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Previously, we airdropped the ‘All-Star’ NFT to all Mane Netizens, which served as their ticket to the All-Star Sweepstakes. Entrants had the opportunity to win a Furkan Korkmaz-autographed jersey or a pair of Philadelphia 76ers game tickets.

Now, we’re introducing ‘Unguardable’ and ‘The Process’, the two remaining felines in the ‘Most Valuable Lions’* collection, inspired by’s partnership with the Philadelphia 76ers. These Lions have a special ‘MVL’ patch on their varsity jackets as they are indeed the most valuable of them all, and definitely NFTs anyone would want to get their hands on.

And what better way to ensure these Lions end up in the hands of the biggest 76ers fans than a ‘live’ auction?

Auction Details

Join the Loaded Lions in their very first ‘live’ auction on 9 June 2023, where anyone and everyone is welcome to take part. The highest bidder at the end of the auction will walk away with a one-of-a-kind NFT and an array of unique benefits. 

  • Mechanic: Auction
  • Price: Starting from US$500

Auction period: 9 June 2023, 13:00 UTC 一 14 June 2023, 13:00 UTC (5 days only)

Benefits and Utilities

While the ‘Most Valuable Lions’ are not part of the original ‘Loaded Lions’ collection and will not be eligible for Mane Netizen benefits, they do come with their own special set of benefits. Each user who holds either the ‘Unguardable’ or ‘The Process’ NFT will unlock the following benefits, in addition to being proud owners of unique 1 of 1 collectibles: 

  • One (1) pair of Lower Level tickets to each of three (3) Philadelphia 76ers home games in Philadelphia, PA during the 2023-2024 NBA regular season, with specific games to be selected by taking into account holder’s availability (Travel and all other expenses to be at holder’s cost)
  • Two Suite Tickets to a Philadelphia 76ers game at Arena in Los Angeles, CA in the 2023-2024 NBA regular season (Travel and all other expenses to be at holder’s cost)
  • Two Tickets to an upcoming 76ers VIP event
  • 1:1 custom hoodie of either ‘Unguardable’ or ‘The Process’, respectively
  • A 76ers City Edition Jersey for the 2023/2024 NBA Season
  • A piece of court from the legendary 100 Point Game


  • How many NFTs will be auctioned off?
    • Just two! ‘Unguardable’ and ‘The Process’ are 1:1 NFTs which are part of the ‘Most Valuable Lions’ collection.
  • Do I need to hold a ‘Loaded Lions’ NFT to participate in the auction?
    • Nope—anyone who is interested is able to participate in the auction. 
  • How do I redeem my utilities if I win the auction?
    • Auction winners will receive additional information regarding the redemption process shortly after the auction concludes. Please note that some redemption details will not be available immediately and are subject to event schedule finalisation.
  • If the NFT is transferred to a new holder (i.e., via a secondary sale), will they have access to the utilities?
    • Yes! The new NFT holder will have access to any unclaimed or unused utilities. The new holder may reach out to for redemption details. Please note that is not responsible for any claims made by secondary sellers—if you are buying ‘Unguardable’ or ‘The Process’ on the secondary market, be sure to perform your due diligence before finalising your purchase.
  • Which Philadelphia 76ers Regular Season Home Games do I have access to?
    • Once schedule details are available, you will be provided with a selection of five Regular Season Home Games, from which you may select three games to receive a pair of Lower Level tickets for each of them.
  • Which game at Arena do I have access to?
    • Once schedule details are available, you will have an option between two games (Philadelphia 76ers vs. LA Lakers or Philadelphia 76ers vs. LA Clippers).
  • What is the upcoming Philadelphia 76ers VIP event about?
    • The 76ers annually host a VIP event for 76ers Partners & Season Ticket Members locally in the Philadelphia area with 76ers talent such as players, front office staff, & alumni players in attendance.
  • Can I resell or transfer any of my game tickets or VIP event tickets?
    • No. Any tickets redeemed cannot be resold or transferred.

Sign in or create an account on NFT and get ready for the auction soon!

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  • Guide for completing KYC verification in the App.
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