Badges Have Been Airdropped to App Users

Get recognised for your all-time achievements

Jun 08, 2023
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We’re excited to share that App users can now enjoy even more rewards for reaching trading milestones with Badges. A new addition to the Missions feature, it recognises their all-time achievements with special experiences and utilities.  

How do Badges work?

Badges reward your trading in the App. The Badges you acquire will be more valuable as you trade more. The first collection of Badges is based on your 2023 trading volume, starting from 1 January. Go to the Missions feature from the home screen to see which Badges you’ve been airdropped based on your trading volume so far.

What can you do with Badges?

Upon acquiring a Badge, you’ll get exclusive access to an in-app experience, such as a personalised home screen or trade confirmation message. You can also share your Badge on social media to show off your achievements. New experiences reserved for specific Badges are in the works, so be sure to check back regularly. 

What’s more, you’ll receive a surprise number of Diamonds with each new Badge. Diamonds can be used in the Missions Store to redeem Mystery Boxes containing CRO, exclusive NFTs, merchandise, and more.

What’s next?

As part of the Badges airdrop, Missions rewards will be adjusted slightly. Going forward, completing the Volume Venture Mission will reward 50 Diamonds, and the Quick Quest Mission will reward 10 Diamonds for trading $100 worth of cryptocurrency.

More powerful Badge airdrops that reward past and future activity in the App are in the pipeline, as we continue expanding the utilities available to Badge holders.

For more information on Badges, check out the Help Centre

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