Loaded Lions: Mane City Season 2 Competitive Mode Events Calendar

Win from a total prize pool of US$500,000+ across all events

May 24, 2024
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We’re excited to see every Mane City Tycoon making use of the new Abilities in Loaded Lions: Mane City Season 2, as well as a strong sense of pride from each Faction’s members!

We hope you’ve been getting familiar with these new in-game features, because it’s time to put all your skills to the test and be rewarded for your dedication.

The Mane City Team has organised a series of Competitive Mode events that lead up to World Series II: The Great War. We’ll be giving away a grand total of over US$500,000* worth of CRO and NFTs across all seven events, including The Great War.

*The US$ value consists of both the estimated CRO and weighted average floor value of NFT rewards. The prize pool denominated in CRO is the price as of 17 May 2024 00.30 UTC, 
at 0.1238 per CRO. The Prize pool that comes from NFT rewards uses weighted average price $18.70 as of 17 May 2024 12.30am UTC.

More details regarding each event will be shared before they begin. Furthermore, we’ll be introducing a separate Blitz Champions Leaderboard for the six Blitzes leading up to The Great War.

The Blitz Champions Leaderboard is a system where the top 10 participants in each Blitz will earn points according to the table below. After all six Blitzes are complete, the cumulative points earned will be tabulated and the top 10 participants ranked by their points total will receive special NFTs to bolster their arsenal for The Great War.

With so much at stake for The Great War, any additional weapon or armour NFT will definitely come in handy. It’s prime time to load up, strategise, and come out on top.

Gear up for the upcoming Spring Skirmish Blitz, and we can’t wait to see who ends up as the top tycoon! May the best Faction win.

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