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Looking back on The Pride’s achievements and looking forward to the project’s future

Aug 19, 2022

GM Mane Netizens! 

While The Pride settles down after all the hustlin’ and bustlin’ from The Great CRO-ssing, we wanted to take this time to share some exciting developments that are currently brewing on The Mane Net. Get your calendars ready because these will be rolled out across the coming months. 

There’s so much to unpack and we’re as excited as any Mane Netizen out there. But before that, let’s take a slight detour down memory lane and look back on all that the Loaded Lions community has achieved.


The Loaded Lions got the party started in November 2021 and the collection sold out in record time while achieving some pretty massive sales along the way. This was the first PFP project from and the team was deeply moved by the overwhelming love and support that the Lions received from every collector. 

In May this year, the Loaded Lions were joined by the adorable Cyber Cubs, the project’s very first derivative collection. One Cyber Cub was airdropped for every Loaded Lion held. What’s more, all “Loaded Lions” holders received early access to popular drops and rebates from buying NFTs. Lucky Mane Netizens managed to score Arena tickets and exclusive F1 experiences from special giveaways too. 

The Loaded Lions accomplished so much ever since they came onto the scene, making their way to the top-selling collection spot on NFT and being represented by star athletes like Joel Embiid. These fabulous felines even appeared in the 2022 NBA Playoffs and in LeBron James’s “Moment of Truth” Super Bowl commercial. Amazing feats, no doubt, but par for the course for the Loaded Lions.

However, any and all of these wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our 4,900 dedicated Mane Netizens! We’ve surpassed 30,000 Twitter followers and there are now over 3,000 verified Loaded Lion and Cyber Cub holders on Discord. The Pride is a truly proud one.


What does it mean to hold a Loaded Lion? 

Holding a Loaded Lion means having a membership pass to long-term utilities backed by These physical and virtual utilities will be at the forefront of the Web2  and Web3 space, being enabled by and receiving continuous support from and the Cronos ecosystem. 

On the contrary… 

“Loaded Lions” isn’t a fling. We want all “Loaded Lions” holders to know that we’re truly in it together and for the long run. To achieve that, a lot of  thought and work is placed into coming up with each utility. Things might move slower, but these Lions are able to weather the storm and tough out any bear market. However, rest assured that we still have our eyes on the stars, making our way to the moon with sustained utilities and steady growth. Only the great projects will prevail and the Loaded Lions haven’t been hitting the gym for nothing, y’know.

How are we different from other NFT projects?

Loaded Lions” holds a unique position in the NFT space as the first and only native platform-owned PFP project. Since the interests of the project and the platform are aligned, it allows the Lions to have a level of control over how the NFT platform is developed. “Loaded Lions” can then extend its reach and influence to other services in the wider ecosystem. This also makes partnerships and collaborations between and “Loaded Lions” much easier. For other NFT collections out there without a platform’s backing, this wouldn’t be possible. 

We’re excited  to let all “Loaded Lions” holders know that we are revamping our roadmap to better capitalise on these advantages. Read on and discover what we have in store. 


To make the most of this collection’s unique position in the NFT world, we want to introduce three key pillars that we will develop utilities around, and how the adorable Cyber Cubs will be integrated into this process.

Pillar 1: Ecosystem

We will continuously enrich the experience for “Loaded Lions” holders within the ecosystem. Drop discounts, early access to popular drops, and the chance to receive special experiences are just tips of the benefits iceberg. 

Here’s what Mane Netizens can look forward to:

  • More NFT benefits – Expect an even more rewarding NFT experience, with platform fee discounts, and more early access to and rebates for drops
  • collaborations – We’re working hard with our sponsorship partners to bring more partner brand benefits to all Mane Netizens 
  • App benefits – Holding a Loaded Lion might just improve the App experience in due time, with this first interoperable utility being drawn up right now

Pillar 2: Cronos Ecosystem

The Great CRO-ssing increases the project’s scope by expanding the Loaded Lions’s utilities to Cronos. It’s the first EVM-compatible layer-1 blockchain built on the Cosmos SDK, and it’s supported by over 300 developers and partners. This lets Mane Netizens access a comprehensive ecosystem filled with DeFi and GameFi dApps.

Here’s what Mane Netizens can look forward to:

  • Loaded Lions game – No, there was no typo in there. Stay tuned for more news about this interactive experience in the coming months. P.S. Get ready to snag some land.
  • Mane Net Grants – Lions together strong…or something like that. We’re funding community-led projects to further enhance the Loaded Lions ecosystems. Start brainstorming proposals and get ready to turn those ideas into reality. We’ll have more updates about this very soon.
  • Cronos project partnerships – We’ve started to explore potential partnerships and collaborations because the Loaded Lions and Cyber Cubs are now sharing the Web3 space with a ton of innovative projects on Cronos. 

Pillar 3: Community

The Mane Net wouldn’t be what it is today without our vibrant community of Lions and Cubs. Creating the Pride for all our Mane Netizens is at the core of everything we do, and we hope that every pridemate is as proud of the community as we are. The first Loaded Lions anniversary is just around the corner, with more exclusive merchandise, community activities, and prizes on the way! There are also plans to host IRL events for all “Loaded Lions” holders, letting the community celebrate like it was 2019. It’ll be a roarin’ good time indeed.

Here’s what Mane Netizens can look forward to:

  • IRL events – To let more of the world know about the “Loaded Lions”, we’ll start to have a physical presence at conventions and expos. More importantly, there’ll be events for “Loaded Lions” holders to attend and hang out with other members of the community.
  • Loaded Lions hoodies – We’ve teased you long enough and we’re delivering. Check out our Twitter Spaces and Discord channel tonight.
  • More prizes, more experiences, more more – To reward the Loaded Lions community for being so active, more Loaded experiences and events are in the works.
  • Exclusive merchandise – The “Loaded Lions” hoodies are only a taste of what’s to come. There’ll be more exclusive merchandise than you can shake your paws at.
  • Community activities – Prepare for more activities hosted by our community managers Shane and Red Falcon. 

In come the Cyber Cubs

With all these new updates to the Mane Net, you might be wondering, how do the Cyber Cubs fit into all of this? As the Loaded Lions’s companions from the future, the Cubs will function as utility boosters for Mane Netizens. By having a Cub alongside your Lion, Mane Netizens can get bumps in sweepstake rewards, merchandise perks, extra entries for campaigns, and much more!


Here’s a TL;DR of all existing and upcoming utilities in our updated roadmap. Ongoing items are what we are working on and will continue to work on, while those in the Coming Soon section are new additions to the roadmap that are right around the corner. The items in On the Horizon are being explored and while we don’t have a definitive timeline planned, you should definitely still keep an eye out for them.

Image 31

So…there you have it. Everything that we have achieved as a community so far, and even more that we’re going to achieve together in a nutshell. We tried to cover everything that’s being explored, but as adventurous and mischievous pridemates who’ve picked up a thing or two from the Cyber Cubs, we’ve got more than a few cards up our sleeves. This will hardly be the last time that Mane Netizens hear from us.

It’s been a ride and we couldn’t have been happier to embark on this journey with the Loaded Lions family. We’d like to thank every “Loaded Lions” and “Cyber Cubs” holder, and warmly extend an invitation to anyone who’d like to join the Pride. We’re only just getting started. 

Yours sincerely, 

The Loaded Lions Team.

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