Integrates With the Travel Rule Universal Solution Technology (TRUST)

Compliant with the industry-standard Travel Rule requirements

May 25, 2022 is proud to announce that we will be integrating with the Travel Rule Universal Solution Technology (TRUST), a Travel Rule compliance solution for global cryptocurrency entities. The integration marks a significant milestone for as we work towards complying with the industry-standard Travel Rule requirements enacted in various countries..

TRUST is a global, secure, and industry-driven solution designed for its participating members to meet the Travel Rule requirements while protecting the security and privacy of their users. TRUST enables its members to easily implement the Travel Rule across their global markets and supports them in swiftly adapting to the requirements of different jurisdictions. Additionally, it employs the following top-tier privacy and security safeguards:

1. No central store of personal data
2. Proof of address ownership
3. Fulfilment of core security and privacy standards


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Travel Rule

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