Introducing New and Enhanced Visa Card Benefits

Enjoy up to 5% back in uncapped CRO rewards + X Premium subscription rebates

Feb 01, 2024
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The Visa Card is designed to make spending both seamless and rewarding. To continually elevate the programme’s offerings, we’re thrilled to announce new benefits for all metal cardholders:

Obsidian: 12 months of X Premium subscription rebates* (worth US$8 monthly) 

Icy White / Rose Gold: 6 months of X Premium subscription rebates* (worth US$8 monthly) 

Royal Indigo / Jade Green: Up to 5% back in uncapped CRO spending rewards** for three months

Ruby Steel: Up to 4% back in uncapped CRO spending rewards** for one month

<<Get your Visa Card today>>

Cardholders continue to enjoy Netflix and Spotify rebates, airport lounge access, and other perks based on their card tier. See the full list here.

The Visa Card programme is available in the US, Canada, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, EU, Brazil, UK, Switzerland and more jurisdictions. There are no monthly fees, annual fees, or setup fees. Simply download the App to apply for a Visa Card. 

Visit the FAQ for more information about the Visa Card programme.

*Worth up to US$8 monthly
**Includes additional rates from our Rewards+ programme, available in select jurisdictions. Learn more here. Spending limits apply and vary by Card tier. See Card fees and limits for details.

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