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Exclusive to ‘Loaded Lions’, ‘Dark Lions’, and ‘Cyber Cubs’ NFT holders

Apr 03, 2024

Get in, felines! We’re going shopping. All ‘Loaded Lions’, ‘Dark Lions’, and ‘Cyber Cubs’ NFT holders will enjoy an exclusive discount of up to 20% for any purchase made in the Crypto.com Shop. You won’t need to wait until the double digit sales come along because this offer isn’t going away anytime soon. 

The Crypto.com Shop is stocked with slick official Crypto.com merchandise, including our comfy navy hoodies and handy rucksacks. If you’re a Crypto.com fan, now’s your chance to stock up more for less.

For more information on the exact discounts, please refer to the table below. 

Cdc Shop Discount Table 1200x675 1

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  • Please note that discounts from holding multiple NFTs may not be stacked, and shipping rates following the standard Crypto.com Shop rates will still apply. 
  • To enjoy your exclusive discount, all holders will need to connect via tokenproof to the Crypto.com Shop. Check out this guide for more information: https://tokenproof.notion.site/Crypto-com-Linking-Guide-f9722eb63e7b4bd094814dcd083dc1d0

Additional Information

Not a ‘Loaded Lions’ NFT holder? View the collection or purchase one here for exclusive benefits across the Crypto.com ecosystem! Sign up to Crypto.com NFT for all the latest NFT collections from the world’s leading creators and brands. 

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