Introducing the Football Loving Ligue of Lions

Exclusive PSG prizes are waiting to be won in this gamified NFT drop

May 08, 2024

The Loaded Lions have swapped their board shorts and sunglasses for Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) football kits, and don’t they look absolutely dashing! Introducing the ‘Ligue of Lions’*, a brand new NFT collection inspired by the and PSG partnership. 

This collection boasts 58 different variations of 16 Lions that span across five rarity tiers: Divisional, Departmental, Regional, National and lastly, Ligue as the highest tier. 10,000 Lion NFTs will be airdropped to Mane Netizens, one for each ‘Loaded Lion’ NFT you hold. Another 4,000 ‘Ligue of Lions’ NFTs will be made available for sale to the public. 

Who Are the Ligue of Lions?

The ‘Ligue of Lions’ NFT collection emulates digital trading cards, bringing NFTs back to the 1990s when these cards really started to take off. Each collectible features a Loaded Lion in PSG football kits over the years representing the club’s very best seasons. Each card will have a different set of football skill stats for passing, shooting, speed, flair, and luck. 

PSG is the most successful French club in history in terms of official titles won. They are also the record holders of all national competitions, having clinched twelve Ligue 1 championships, fourteen Coupe de France, nine Coupe de la Ligue, and twelve Trophée des Champions. Their 2023/2024 jersey, the ‘Pride of Paris’, symbolizes PSG’s 50th trophy, while their 1985/1986 jersey, ’The Upstart’, highlights PSG’s first championship win in Division 1. 

The ‘Ligue of Lions’ digital trading card NFTs are crucial for the Loaded Ligue Championship, where participants stand a chance to win exclusive PSG prizes. These include signed PSG jerseys from the 23/24 season and signed “PSG vs Barcelona” posters. Additionally, the top two teams will also receive a unique ‘Dark Lion’ and ‘Cyber Cub’ NFT respectively.

Stay tuned for more information regarding how the Loaded Ligue Championship is played, as well as airdrop and sale details.

*This collection is not a part of the original ‘Loaded Lions’ project, and will not be eligible for Mane Netizen benefits.

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