NFT platform’s flagship collection, Loaded Lions, announces next steps into gaming (powered by Cronos)

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Nov 03, 2022

The “Loaded Lions” is a collection of 10,000 algorithmically-generated NFTs that debuted in November 2021 and quickly became the NFT platform’s flagship collection. Every one of these 10,000 fabulous felines holds the key to an exclusive membership dubbed “The Mane Net”.

As a follow-up collection that debuted in May 2022 as free airdrops to holders, the “Cyber Cubs” are the Loaded Lions’ companions from the future. These cubs might be young but they’ll surprise you with the many tricks they have up their sleeves!

The “Loaded Lions” collection dropped in November 2021 and sold out in record time and has achieved impressive trading volumes of nearly US$50 million since. It touches our hearts to know that we have garnered the support of 4,900 dedicated Mane Netizens! The community has surpassed 33k Twitter followers, and there are now over 3,000 verified Loaded Lion and Cyber Cub holders on Discord. 

They reached the top-selling collection spot on NFT and were represented by star athletes like Joel Embiid. Additionally, “Loaded Lions” holders have received early access to popular drops and rebates on the NFT platform. Lucky Mane Netizens have also managed to score Arena tickets and exclusive F1 experiences from special giveaways. More recently, all “Loaded Lions” holders were gifted a stylish (and free) hoodie to commemorate their membership to “The Mane Net.” As a community that is thriving and actively contributing to the development of the Loaded Lions, there is no better project to lead us into this new world. 

Exciting next steps into gaming, powered by Cronos labs

Going forward, holding a Loaded Lion will continue to mean having a membership pass to long-term utilities backed by These physical and virtual utilities will be at the forefront of the Web2 and Web3 space, being enabled by and receiving continuous support from, its partners and the Cronos ecosystem. For all future development, the key pillars of focus for the “Loaded Lions” are expanding utilities and experiences within the ecosystem, exploring and building a presence in the broader Cronos ecosystem, and of course, continuing to foster, build, and grow the holder community. But first, you’ll want some land. 

Coming up immediately on the horizon is our gaming partnership and release of Loaded Lions: Mane City, a game powered by Cronos Labs and set in the world of Loaded Lions. This game will leverage NFT Platform’s very first Land Sale, a foundational part of’s future explorations in the Web3 space. The Lands will, amongst other utilities to be announced, be used as a pass for players to enter the game. Further details about the land sale will be revealed in early November. 

The Loaded Lions: Mane City is a  tycoon style idle game where players are encouraged to build businesses and accumulate in-game assets on the tiered Land NFTs. However, this isn’t going to be just any typical tycoon game. It comes with a competitive twist. At a glance the game may seem like an easy path to success, but it will require tactics and strategy, like creating different businesses on these Lands, to keep you at the top of the leaderboard. 

As the community embodying the pioneering builder’s spirit of Web3, Loaded Lion and Cyber Cub holders will receive exclusive benefits at the Land sale and in the game. Special discounts, early access, in-game utility and more. However, while the Loaded Lions may have an edge in the game, anyone can take the title of Tycoon of the City.  Follow the Loaded Lions Twitter and Discord for the latest updates.

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