Introducing a Revamped Trading Interface in the Exchange

Customise and optimise your trading experience to your specifications

Apr 16, 2024
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We’re proud to introduce an all-new trading UI to the Exchange! With it, you can further enhance your experience and take your trading game to the next level!

This revamped UI boasts an optimised layout that prioritises speed, responsiveness, and customisability. Underpinning these changes are a widget-based UI that allows you to drag and drop various elements of the trading interface, vastly improved load times of up to 50%, and reduced CPU and memory usage.

Read on to discover some of the key highlights behind these changes:

Widget-Based UI

You can now drag and drop selected elements within your trading interface with a fully customisable widget-based UI that caters to the diverse preferences of our users.

All it takes is one click to shift any element in the interface, including charts, order books, and order forms. You can also switch between all the trading instruments offered on the Exchange within one page.

To drag and drop widgets on the trading page, simply click on a tab in the trading interface and move it according to your preferred layout. It’s that easy!

Improved Performance

This new iteration of the Exchange’s trading interface also vastly improves performance. Charts load even quicker, allowing you to trade with maximum efficiency. Additionally, CPU and memory usage has been reduced by over 50%, letting you launch the Exchange and trade smoothly even on older devices.

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