Introducing Earn Plus, a New Crypto Earn Programme

Simpler reward structure, higher limits, greater rewards

Sep 08, 2023

We’re excited to introduce Earn Plus, a new Crypto Earn programme that allows users to enjoy a simpler reward structure, higher allocation limits, and greater reward rates. 

Higher Allocation Limit 

You can allocate up to US$1 million per token* to Earn Plus on top of the existing Crypto Earn allocation limits, enabling you to allocate more and earn more rewards. 

Simple Rewards Structure 

Earn Plus** offers a single rate and allocations are not subject to the existing tiering structure1. This allows you to  enjoy the same rate on your entire allocation, according to your CRO lockup and deposit term, making it even easier to calculate your total rewards. 

At launch, USD Coin (USDC) will be available for Earn Plus, with more tokens to come. Please note that the old reward structure for USDC shall no longer apply.

Please see the table below for all the rewards rates: 

*Tokens are not available in all jurisdictions, refer to the FAQ for more information.

**The 2% Private user bonus does not apply for Earn Plus allocations.

Reward Rates: USDC2 

CRO Lockup AmountFlexible1 Month3 Months
Less than or equivalent to US$4000.5%1%2%
Equivalent to US$4,0000.75%3%4%
Equivalent to US$40,000 or more1%4%5%
CRO Lockup AmountLess than or equivalent to US$400
1 Month1%
3 Months2%
CRO Lockup AmountEquivalent to US$4,000
1 Month3%
3 Months4%
CRO Lockup AmountEquivalent to US$40,000 or more
1 Month4%
3 Months5%

1Existing tiered earning structure has a US$3,000 threshold whereby discounted rates apply for allocations exceeding that amount.

2Reward rates are subject to change depending on the market conditions. 

For more information, check out the Help Centre

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