DeFi Wallet Now Supports Celo (CELO) and Aurora (AURORA)

Seamlessly transfer $CELO and $AURORA on their native blockchains

Jul 12, 2022 DeFi Wallet now supports the Celo and Aurora blockchains (requires DeFi Wallet version 1.37.0 or above).

Users can seamlessly transfer CELO and AURORA tokens to their DeFi Wallet by scanning the QR code of an external wallet using the DeFi Wallet app’s QR code scanner. This is located at the top right corner of the DeFi Wallet app’s home screen.

With this integration, users can easily view their transaction history by navigating to the Transaction History page or an individual token’s page.

Exploring new happenings on the Celo and Aurora networks has never been easier. Instantly access and interact with Celo and Aurora DApps by looking them up in the DeFi Wallet’s DApp Browser.

Celo and Aurora are new additions to the blockchains that the DeFi Wallet app supports. The full list consists of:

Crypto.orgCronos BetaEthereumBitcoin
Bitcoin CashBNB Smart ChainCosmosDogecoin
LitecoinNEAR ProtocolPolkadotPolygon
Cronos Beta
Bitcoin Cash
BNB Smart Chain
NEAR Protocol

The DeFi Wallet’s network of supported blockchains lets users easily manage more than 700 tokens. We’re working hard to integrate even more blockchains to help users manage their digital assets easily.

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More on Celo
Celo is a blockchain that aims to bring crypto directly to people’s mobile devices with a user-friendly interface. The Celo blockchain is capable of supporting the development of decentralised applications. Celo’s goal is to make financial activities accessible to everyone around the world owing to its ability to send payments to and from any phone number. Learn more about Celo on Price.

More on Aurora
Aurora provides Ethereum compatibility, NEAR Protocol scalability, and industry-first user experience through affordable transactions. Aurora provides the Ethereum development experience, with layer-2-like speed and scalability. Learn more about Aurora on Price.


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