DeFi Desktop Wallet Gets Upgraded

Support added for ERC20 tokens, ATOM, EVM dApps, and much more

Aug 26, 2022
Desktop Wallet Update 1

We’re pleased to announce that several major updates have been made to the DeFi Desktop Wallet, an open-source and decentralised wallet for pro users, including:

Ethereum Blockchain Support

DeFi Desktop Wallet users can now store and transfer any ERC20 asset. Additionally, they can add any EVM network connection and access dApps built on those blockchains. 

Support for ATOM Tokens

Users can now store and transfer Cosmos’s native token, ATOM. What’s more, we’ve made it easier for users to bridge ATOM from Cosmos to Cronos and directly access dApps built on Cronos directly with their DeFi Desktop Wallet.

Token Price Data

Under Assets, users can now access historical price data for their tokens for up to six months. They can view transactions made with their tokens as well. 

Notifications Centre

Users  can now easily access the latest updates for the DeFi Desktop Wallet via the notifications centre. Simply click on the ‘bell’ icon located at the top right corner of the Desktop Wallet to view the newest updates!

Download the DeFi Desktop Wallet here (available on Mac OS and Linus. Coming soon to Windows) or visit the Help Centre to learn more about this product.

Remember to check out our full DeFi ecosystem on and join our Discord server or Telegram community for more information.

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