How Mane City Works (Part 2)

Discover how each and every tycoon can reach their potential

Mar 16, 2023

In part 1 of ‘How Mane City Works’, we went through the basics of how aspiring tycoons can build the city of their dreams. In part 2, we’ll be walking players through the game’s nitty gritty details to help them reach their potential.

Get Comfy in Mane City

Each player will receive one mansion (regardless of how many Land NFTs they own), with various rooms within it. With the Gold and Diamonds that players earn, they can decorate their rooms by purchasing furniture. Aesthetics aside, doing this grants players XP, which goes towards increasing their avatar’s level.

Remember the sneak peeks of Mane City’s furniture from a few weeks back? There’s much more where that came from. Fancy a ride in the ‘DuCatty MegaSport’, anyone?

The Mane City Marketplace 

For in-game items like Blueprints and Businesses, players will be able to trade them on the in-game marketplace, appropriately dubbed the Market. Players can list items for sale or make purchases from their fellow tycoons there. All Market items will be priced in CRO.

For items that players purchase from the Market or the furniture store, they will be able to keep them in their inventory permanently. There’s no need to worry about furniture, Businesses, or Blueprints expiring.


There are several types of boosters that help players boost their Gold generation rate. They can be purchased in-game and are one-time use items which will disappear once used. Holding a ‘Loaded Lions’ or ‘Cyber Cubs’ NFT will grant players an increased Gold income generation rate for all their Buildings. 

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