Tactical Gear: Weapons and Armour Sale Details

Arm yourself with the perfect ‘Tactical Gear’ NFTs to optimise your attacks and defence

Mar 14, 2024

Get ready for the ultimate showdown in Mane City as the Loaded Lions, Cyber Cubs, and Dark Lions gear up for all-out war! Every Lion and Cub will need the very best Tactical Gear they can get their hands on, for a battle that will decide Mane City’s fate forever.

Equipped with their ‘Core Tactical Gear’, every Lion and Cub are primed to unleash their full potential. As each Core and Elite Tactical Gear offer separate diminishing benefits, users can maximise attack bonuses by applying the perfect combination of both Core and Elite weapons. By harnessing this dynamic combination, players unlock unprecedented strategic opportunities, elevating their gameplay experience to new heights in Mane City Season 2. 

Check out the full ‘Elite’ Tactical Gear sale details below.

Sale Details 

The ‘Elite’ Tactical Gear sale will take place over two phases: Phase 1 and Phase 2. A total of 20,000 ‘Elite’ Tactical Gear NFTs will be available for purchase.

All the information you’ll need for the sales phases can be found below.

‘Elite’ Tactical Gear Sale Phase 1

In Phase 1, only ‘Loaded Lions’, ‘Dark Lions’, ‘Cyber Cubs’, and ‘ Land – The First Frontier’ NFT holders will be eligible to join this sales phase. Please note that this phase will remain open for 18 hours.

In this sales phase, 15,000 ‘Elite’ Tactical Gear NFTs will be available for purchase, distributed within three types of packs.

Phase 1 Access Snapshot: 20 March 2024, 07:00 UTC (please ensure that the relevant NFTs are in your NFT account)

Phase 1 Sale: 20 March 2024, 13:00 UTC ー 21 March 2024, 07:00 UTC (18 hours)

Note: pricing above reflects a rebate from public sale prices. Rebates will be credited to your purchasing NFT account within seven business days after the drop period concludes.

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‘Elite’ Tactical Gear Sale Phase 2

This sales phase will be open to all NFT users, with at least 5,000 pieces of Gear made available, distributed within three types of packs.

Phase 2 Sale: 21 March 2024, 13:00 UTC ー 26 March 2024, 13:00 UTC (5 days)

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A queue system will be implemented for both phases of this drop. For more information about this system, please visit the Help Centre.


  • Please note that all airdropped and purchased collectibles will initially not be able to be listed or withdrawn. Trading will begin shortly after Phase 2 has concluded.
  • ‘Tactical Gear Core Armour Case’, ‘Tactical Gear Core Weapon Crate’ and ‘Tactical Gear Elite Battle Kits’ will be gradually “revealed” from 28 March 2024 morning UTC onwards. Please note that existing listings at the time of the “reveal” will not be cancelled prior to the commencement of the “reveal” process.

Additional Information

Visit the official Mane City website or sign up to NFT for all the latest updates on everything Mane City. A full list of FAQs will also be provided on the Mane City website.

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