Introducing Prime, Designed for People Building Generational Wealth

Exclusive to high net worth traders

Feb 08, 2024

We are excited to unveil Prime, a recognition programme created to empower high net worth traders to potentially capture growth and build generational wealth. 

Prime members can access unrivalled benefits across the brand and its most popular product globally, the App: 

  • 1% uncapped deposit bonus
  • Near-zero trading fees
  • Institutional-grade trading and deep liquidity
  • Margin Trading with up to 5x leverage [NEW]* 
  • US$1 million account protection**
  • Unlimited fiat transfers*** 
  • US$2,000 bonus for every Prime referral^ (no referral limit)
  • Bespoke inheritance and tax services
  • Dedicated relationship manager
  • The Prime Card and more 

A minimum US$1 million deposit of eligible assets is required. Prime is currently invite-only. 

Visit the Prime website for a taste of what’s in store and register your interest.

*Not available in all jurisdictions. The offerings for EEA/UK may vary depending on the relevant laws applicable in the region.

**The Account Protection Program is subject to terms and conditions. See here for details.

***Subject to limits imposed by banking providers.

****Currently only available to US customers. Other jurisdictions to be supported in the future.

^Referral bonus will be in locked up CRO for a period of 24 months until it could be released.

This material is prepared for marketing purposes and the terms and conditions will prevail to the extent of any inconsistency. Please read the terms and conditions carefully before participating

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