Get Up to US$500 Worth of Crypto With the Missions Welcome Pack

Special perk for new App users

Mar 19, 2024

There’s no better time to join the App community because new users can claim a Welcome Pack worth US$500 in token rewards with the Missions feature.

What is the Welcome Pack?

The Welcome Pack is a set of Missions that new users can complete in their first 90 days to receive US$500 worth of rewards paid in CRO, CORGIAI, VVS, FER, and MTD. These Missions are designed to encourage them to unlock their trading potential and explore the App’s array of features. Learn more about the Missions feature here.

How do I claim the rewards?

After completing account registration, eligible App users can begin claiming rewards by following these steps: 

  1. From the home screen, tap the US$500 Welcome Pack banner
  2. Tap the Claim Now button and accept the Missions Terms and Conditions
  3. On the Welcome Pack screen, tap the Go button next to the Mission you want to complete
  4. After completing a Mission, tap the Claim button* 

Visit the Help Centre for more information about the Welcome Pack. 

Ready to start earning? Download the App now! 

*Some rewards are distributed immediately, while others are vested. For more information, visit the FAQ

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