The Exchange Revamps Its Affiliate Program

Affiliates now enjoy enhanced perks, boosted commissions, and much more

Oct 20, 2023
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The Exchange is proud to present a new and improved Affiliate Program! This upgrade further ensures that Exchange affiliates are set up for success.

The variety of improvements in the enhanced Affiliate Program makes referrals much more attractive and competitive while allowing affiliates to foster strong relationships with their community even more easily.

Here are just some of the new improvements:

A More Competitive Commission Structure

Commissions have been greatly boosted, and affiliates will now receive up to 50% of their referral’s net trading fees* in perpetuity.

*Net trading fees (after all lockup and trading volume discounts are applied) 

Automated Daily Payouts

Affiliates no longer receive their payouts monthly. Now, payouts are automated and paid out on a daily basis! Affiliates will receive their daily USD payouts with full peace of mind. 

Commission Sharing With the Community

All referrals can now receive up to 20% of their affiliate’s commission, which will be applied as trading fee discounts, when they sign up to the Exchange via their affiliate’s exclusive code. This is a great new way for affiliates to foster and boost relationships with their community.

Become an Affiliate Now

In addition to these benefits, Exchange affiliates benefit from exclusive VIP experiences with our partners. These include the UFC and Formula 1. Additionally, affiliates gain access to dedicated performance tracking dashboards and much more!

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