Early Direct Deposit is Now Available for Crypto.com App Users in the U.S.

Set up now to get a bonus of USD 25 in CRO

Jan 31, 2022

We are pleased to announce that the USD Fiat Wallet now supports Early Direct Deposit for paychecks and government payments. This service is currently available to users in the U.S. 

By setting up direct deposits for their payroll, users can receive their funds one to three days early. We also support government payments, which can be received up to five days early. Once we receive payment instructions from the payer, we will deposit the funds into the user’s account. Availability and timing can vary based on the payer and when we get payment instructions.

For a limited time, users who set up direct deposit for the first time and complete one or more direct deposits totaling at least USD 400 will receive USD 25 of CRO. Deposits must be completed on or before 16 March 2022. Users who qualify for this offer will automatically receive CRO in their CRO Wallets within 21 days.

In a few simple steps, users are able to direct their payroll and government payments to Crypto.com and enjoy early access to their funds. Please refer to the FAQ for more details.


  • This limited-time offer is offered by Crypto.com to Crypto.com App users in the U.S. only.
  • Only participants who successfully complete KYC verification and all other onboarding procedures in the Crypto.com App, set up direct deposit for the first time, and deposit at least a total of USD 400 via Early Direct Deposit by 16 March 2022 will qualify to receive the USD 25 of CRO. 
  • Crypto.com reserves the right to cancel this offer or amend its mechanics or rules at any time at our sole discretion.



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