DeFi Wallet’s NFT Feature Gets a Refreshed Look and New Add-Ons

Rarity rankings, comprehensive market data, and more

Apr 27, 2022
Defi Wallet NFT Feature Refresh

We’re excited to announce that the DeFi Wallet’s NFT feature has been enhanced, sporting a refreshed look and useful add-ons for NFT collectors of all experience levels.

All DeFi Wallet users can enjoy the upgrades right away simply by updating the app to version V1.31.0 and navigating to the NFTs tab. Here’s what you’ll see:

Defi Wallet NFT Feature Refresh

A Redesigned Display

The NFTs screen is even more intuitive to use, with the look and feel of a social media feed. Collectors can display up to nine NFTs per project. Alternatively, users can easily filter their collection by blockchain and select NFTs to display in no time at all. These blockchains currently include Cronos, Ethereum, and Chain.

Rarity Ranking

When users select an NFT, detailed rarity information is displayed right away. This includes the NFT’s rarity ranking, rarities of individual traits it possesses, and more. Details of the project that it belongs to can be found in the same screen as well.

Comprehensive Market Data

With information like a project’s floor price and trading volume now available, you can gain greater insight into the value of your NFTs and the market as a whole. What’s more, you can seamlessly access NFT marketplaces like NFT and OpenSea through the DeFi Wallet’s DApp browser and start listing your collectibles for sale.


The DeFi Wallet’s NFT feature supports collectibles across a multitude of file types, including 3D (newly-added), PNG, MP4, GIF, and MP3.

Start managing your NFT collection in the DeFi Wallet now.

For more information, please visit the Help Centre.


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