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Mar 24, 2022

Norway users, heave a sigh of relief this tax season because Tax is now available in the Land of the Midnight Sun. Generate your crypto tax report in seconds and enjoy a hassle-free tax filing experience. The best part? This platform is completely free to use. Tax supports over 30 popular exchanges and wallets, letting users easily import their transactions via a CSV file or API sync. Taxable capital gains and losses are automatically calculated as well. Once all transactions are loaded in, it takes just one click to generate a full tax report.

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For more information about Tax, please visit the Help Centre or reach out to us via the in-app chat. We’re here to help.


1. The individual user of the Services is assumed to be an individual who has an obligation to pay tax as a resident in Norway, both under local laws and in any bilateral double tax agreements. We would suggest you consult with your tax advisor for the details.

2. This information is provided on the basis that the Services provided are intended exclusively for individuals who are not trading in crypto assets as a commercial activity. The Norway tax authorities determine whether crypto activities amount to business activities based on a number of factors and individual circumstances. We recommend that the individual consults a tax advisor in this regard if necessary.

3. Conversion of cryptocurrencies into NOK occurs at the spot rate in effect on the date of each respective transaction.


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Cryptocurrency Tax


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