Introducing FastAPI and OAuth 2.0 Compatibility for the Exchange API Broker Programme

Enhance your security and manage your API keys with ease

Jan 04, 2024
Fastapi Broker Programme Content Hub

We’re thrilled to announce FastAPI and OAuth 2.0 compatibility for the Exchange API Broker Programme! 

This new implementation enables a smooth and secure API Key binding process. When a user connects to trade with us on our brokers’ platforms, FastAPI facilitates the login process via OAuth 2.0, ensuring a secure mechanism for the user to grant API access to the broker. The API Key is then seamlessly and securely transferred to the broker’s side on behalf of the user, enabling an enhanced and streamlined trading experience.

Benefits for Brokers

Seamless and Secure

Users no longer need to copy their API Key manually and paste it into the broker’s platform. With FastAPI, customers simply log into and grant API Access to their selected broker. User experience is improved with enhanced security.

Granular Access Control

Auto-generated API Keys will have enhanced security by IP-whitelist to specified brokers, and are only usable by the authorized broker under the whitelisted servers.

Customers can revoke the API Access from the Broker at any time at by removing the API Key granted to the broker. This grants users the ability to retain full access control to any brokers to their account.

About the

This upgrade is part of our ongoing commitment to provide API brokers with cutting-edge technology and tools. Along with enhanced commission rates, sub-broker commission sharing, automated payouts, and an advanced dashboard, this integration sets a new standard in our API broker programme.

At, we are firm believers that the future belongs to the visionaries who forge ahead to build and innovate. Our mission, as builders, is to provide cutting-edge features that facilitate the widespread and regulated adoption of cryptocurrencies on a global scale for our customers and brokers. 

Join the Exchange API Broker Programme today and experience the power of FastAPI and OAuth 2.0 in enhancing your trading capabilities. 

If you are a broker and are interested in FastAPI integration, please reach out to your account manager.

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