Revealed: The ‘ Expedition Gear’ Collection

Learn more about each backpack NFT and their utilities

May 16, 2023
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Every adventurer needs the right gear for their travels. Introducing the first series in the ‘ Expedition Gear’ collection. This is a complementary collection to ‘ Land 一 The First Frontier’ and it consists of 50,000 backpack NFTs divided into five rarities.

Each rarity in this first series of backpack NFTs boasts a unique design, but that’s not all.

Collection Details

  • Commuter (Tier 1): A stylish vintage backpack that’s been popular for centuries. You can always count on this sturdy bag to carry your essentials when moving from point to point.
  • Explorer (Tier 2): Adorned with a customisable full-sized LED panel, this backpack is a head-turner. It has the substance to match, with a capacity that’s enough for a short road trip.
  • Adventurer (Tier 3): Adventurers rely on this sensational and versatile backpack for their missions. Every compartment is easily accessible, allowing you to grab whatever you need in a flash.
  • Trailblazer (Tier 4): Heavy duty, yet light as a feather. This backpack is exactly what a trailblazer would need, inspired by the very best military equipment out there.
  • Moonwalker (Tier 5): The rarest of them all. Not only can the Moonwalker hold enough for a month-long trip, it has unique features which are invaluable for seasoned expeditionists.

Benefits and Utilities

These backpack NFTs grant holders additional benefits that enhance their in-game experience for Loaded Lions: Mane City. At game launch, backpack NFTs will increase a player’s offline income generation duration in Mane City. 

Furthermore, these NFTs will grant holders opportunities to explore and learn more about ‘The First Frontier’ lands and what treasures they hold. Backpack holders will need to keep their NFTs on hand— they never know when they’ll come across something valuable in their journey that needs to be stored securely.

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  • Guide for completing KYC verification in the App.
  • Guide for buying and selling collectibles on NFT.

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