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Exclusive Rebates for Mane Netizens

Enjoy rebates for select drops on NFT

Feb 24, 2022

Loaded Lions collectors can now enjoy a rebate when shopping the primary sales of select NFT drops. Please refer to NFT’s Twitter page for everything you need to know on upcoming drops and the rebates that Mane Netizens are entitled to.

Here’s how Mane Netizens can enjoy exclusive NFT rebates:

  • Ensure that your “Loaded Lion” NFT is in your NFT account before your desired NFT collection drops
  • Make your purchase during the drop (‘Primary sales’)
  • For more details on the queuing system and purchase process, visit the Help Centre
  • The rebate on your purchase will be credited to your NFT account within 14 business days


  • To qualify for the rebate, users must ensure that their “Loaded Lion” NFT(s) (“Loaded Lions”) are in their NFT account when the NFT drop begins. This date and time will be used to determine the user’s rebate qualification.
  • The rebate is only applicable to purchases made on the NFT collection during the entire duration of the drop (‘Primary sales’). It is not valid for secondary purchases in the Marketplace.
  • Qualified users will receive a rebate based on the total transaction value in USD. The rebate will be credited to the NFT account used for the purchase within 14 business days after the drop ends.
  • By participating in this rebate programme, users agree to the Privacy Notice of, which is published here.

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